Monday, September 10, 2007

I've been tagged :)

There is this fun game among photogs- they tag you and you have to write 8 random facts about yourself :) I've been tagged by my two great photog friends Erika nad Marianne. Ok here it goes.
1. I'm crazy about cooking- I have my own recipies, read tons of books about cooking. I can watch Nigella and Jamie Olivier all day long ;)
2.I've built a house. Well I supervised it but last year was full of work for me. I love our house very much- I designed it in my head and it turned out beautiful. We moved to the countryside but still we are very close to Warsaw but with garden, trees, rabbits, squirells and other great animals near.
3.Love reading Harlan Coben books- I have one waiting next to my bed this very minute. Can't wait.
4.I dream about Nikon D3. Fun huh? ;)LOL This baby is gonna be mine for sure :)
5.I love "Desperate Housewives", "Prison Break" and "Heroes" series. Can't wait for the next episodes.
6.Love r&b and hip hop music. But still a huge Sting fan too :)
7.I never stop talking. My daughter is even worse than me. My poor hubby LOL
8.I'm totally addicted to coffee and red bull. I love sleeping and it takes a huge amount of cafeine to wake me up. SO please never call me before 9 a.m. Thank you and it's for your own sake LOL

Now you know it all :) I'll keep the rest to myself :)

My eight tags go to:
1.Andrea Hanki-
2.Laura Siebert-
3.Jael DeYoung-
4.Jeanette LeBlanc
5.Kathy Wolfe
6.Kerry Sigh
7.Leigh Taylor
8.Rachel Absher


Gloria Meredith Photography (娥子攝影) said...

Wow! You are the 1st photog in Poland I've cheched in the blog world. (via kathy wolfe's blog) Cool pics.

Gemma said...

Nice to read about you!!
I'm addicted to red bull too - the sugar free stuff!!

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